Uncreative writing – Mash up.

This is Mash-up I did for school in my media and com. class a couple of months ago. Enjoy the confusion 🙂

MUST READ: From 28 different wedding blogs, I’ve put together a “MashUp -blog-post”. Every sentence in this post is carefully selected and recycled into a storytelling post. Its open for translation and it could be viewed as two separate women fronting the wedding subject.Let me know what you think! If you click on each sentence you will be transferred to the original source.


 The story takes place in the fall on a beautiful farm in a moment where time has stopped and love is eternal. 

Don’t be an idiot.

Sometimes we think stories like this aren’t really true, and that they only happen in the movies, but some people really do just pick up and elope to Italy.

I´m done trying to hurry love.

Today’s wedding combines wild bouquets, elegant colors, and a little glam. My heart was so full at that moment. I realized that this was really happening, I was about to marry my very best friend, the man of my dreams.

I am really good at being single

From start to finish, you’ll want your big day to be completely reflective of you and your honey. A vibe is super important. Your wedding is your chance to be a star for a day. 

I don’t want to get married

The Pinterest phenomenon has revolutionalized the way we plan our weddings. Her name is Bridechilla, and she floats through the wedding planning process with style and graceIf you’re planning a wedding then pinterest is the perfect visual planning tool.

No one warned me about the wedding section of Pinterest! Wedding this and wedding that. Wedding wedding wedding. My perfect wedding. My flawless wedding. Bridezilla’s were taking over the world! “I don’t want a wedding!” I scream.

The internet has become inundated with makeup tutorials, especially since the advent of Pinterest, but there is something special about Hair and make-up trials; seemed kind of silly to me BUT, after hearing too many horror stories, I am a convert.  Pinterest has definitely transformed the wedding-planning industry, and in most cases, it has changed for the better. The social medium has made it easier for brides-to-be to communicate with wedding planners and get the wedding they’ve always dreamed of.

The bottom line is that marriage is stupid!

consider. What never goes out of style is when weddings are personalized to reflect the unique personalities of the happy couple. Be romantic on budget; Pinterest is a wedding planner’s best friend.

The ultimate way to ensure your wedding doesn’t just merge into every other event your guests have ever attended is to create a unique day that is wholly personal to you.

Nobody cares about your wedding 

You mustn’t be afraid to sparke a little extra darling!   ”



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